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Oil pastels, soft pastel chalks, watercolour crayons

Oil pastels, soft pastel chalks, watercolour crayons

Design Journey – richly-coloured chalks & crayons for brilliant effects and amazing colour gradients

The artists’ materials in this range allow both beginners and advanced hobby artists to create richly-coloured pictures in pastel chalks, or watercolour-effects with our watercolour crayons. So there is nothing to stop you creating artworks with pastel chalks or watercolour crayons.

STAEDTLER oil pastels allow you to create rich, bright colours and give outstanding coverage. There are 48 waterproof colours to choose from.

The soft pastel chalks allow you to create bright colours and all 48 colours are very lightfast. These chalks create pleasant, soft lines that are then very easy to blend, creating lovely effects.

Watercolour crayons in 24 different colours are great for layering and sgraffito techniques. A wide range of watercolour effects can be achieved with a paintbrush and some water.