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Changing stories since 1965: Happy Birthday Mars® plastic! Our classic celebrates its 50th anniversary.


The STAEDTLER Mars plastic eraser – a product we use on a daily basis and simply couldn't do without. For the past 50 years now, it's had its place on generations of tables, desks and drawing boards. The year 2015 marks its anniversary and, despite having being in service for half a century already, it continues to offer top performance: Outstanding erasing results with only minimal crumbling thanks to its premium 'Made in Germany' quality, completely without the use of phthalates and latex.

And that's not all! There's something even more incredible about it: It gives us the power to change stories.

Every story – be it a comic strip, screenplay or novel – first begins to take shape on paper. That's where the initial outline, draft or drawing is made. When, for example, an illustrator begins to create a new cartoon character, he doesn't finish it right away. He slowly brings the figure to life, step by step and line by line, constantly making changes and improvements until he's happy with the end result. This is where the Mars plastic eraser plays an important role. We can use it either to give our stories a finishing touch or to change their course, again and again.

Which story would you like the Mars® plastic eraser to change?
Post your own idea with the hashtag #mySTAEDTLER. Discover more stories on our STAEDTLER Facebook channel or Instagram at @staedtlermars.

Further information about our Mars plastic eraser can be found here.