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What is World Kids Colouring Day?

Which child wouldn't jump at the chance to set off on an adventure into the wonderful world of animals? Then World Kids Colouring Day is perfect for you! For many years, children have been creating colourful pictures on a host of different themes on this global day of action to help children in need. 

This year’s theme is “Funny Animals”. 

We would like children to draw us pictures which show: What is their favourite animal? Which animals would they like to get better acquainted with or maybe even have as a friend? Who would they rather go on an adventure with: their favourite animal or a fantasy creature? Does their animal prefer to live on land, in water or in the air? Who would they like to take with them on their journey through the animal kingdom?

Event ideas

On World Kids Colouring Day, creativity knows no bounds: Whether individual pictures, colourfully drawn illustrated stories, picture galleries or exhibitions of children's art - everything is allowed. The last eight years have shown that there is an infinite range of ideas to be found on World Kids Colouring Day.

In 2015 alone, many children worldwide had great fun creating imaginative and wonderful pictures at various school events. There are no limits to your imagination. An exciting auction is just as much fun as a colouring party with a tombola or raffle. Here you will find the first exciting ideas:

Weltkindermaltag - Ideenbörse
  • Kindergarten art exhibition

Children’s pictures are genuine works of art that are coloured with incomparable creativity.
Why not host a real exhibition with their most beautiful works and ask a nearby gallery if they might allow you to use some of their space on 6 May. 

Then invite all parents and relatives to view and, of course, buy the children’s pictures on exhibit. An event that is sure not to be forgotten for a long time to come by young or old.

  • Child & parent night 

Children love it when their parents colour with them.
Organise a small colouring night at your school or facility where parents colour pictures with their children.
Not only is this fun for both, but results in really great pictures that can be purchased by the teaching staff and/or parents.

You have even more ideas? Super!
Write us and we’ll include your suggestion for the World Kids Colouring Day here on our website.


How to join in on the World Kids Colouring Day:

Send a picture by post to the following address:

Keyword: Funny Animals
Moosäckerstraße 3
90427 Nürnberg

Deadline: 31.05.2016

You can find the detailed entry terms and conditions on our German website.


Looking back at actions in the year 2015

Last year, working with the topic "Colorful Dreams", many children worldwide took part in World Kids Colouring Day.

On May 6, from countries as far apart as Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and Europe, children enjoyed the great colouring party and at the same time campaigned for other children who are in need. Because these young artists were so committed, donations were collected worldwide that were used to support numerous aid projects.

Individual prize 2015

On the eighth World Kids Colouring Day on 6th May 2015, STAEDTLER made children's faces light up in delight with the donation of colourful creative packs to the charity organisation SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.. These creative packs were full to the brim with coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, FIMO modelling clay and all kinds of other STAEDTLER products. In addition to that, lots of great colouring events were staged all over Germany. Each one providing children with an opportunity to let their imagination run wild.

Im vergangenen Jahr nahmen unter dem Motto ”Bildergeschichten rund um das Thema Umweltschutz” weltweit mehr als eine Million Kinder am Weltkindermaltag teil.
Von Australien über Malaysia und Südafrika bis nach Europa feierten Kinder am 6. Mai ein großes Malfest und setzten sich gleichzeitig für andere Kinder in Not ein.
Durch das Engagement der kleinen Künstler wurden weltweit Spenden gesammelt, mit denen zahlreiche Hilfsprojekte unterstützt werden konnten.

Gewinner Einzelpreis

Den Einzelpreis hat Marie (11 Jahre) aus Jeßnitz gewonnen.

Die Bildergeschichte von Marie gefiel der Jury besonders gut. Denn in ihrer Geschichte finden Menschen und Marsmännchen gemeinsam eine Lösung für die Umweltprobleme.

Encourage creativity

Drawing, learning, having fun

No other activity allows children to be as creative as drawing and colouring. Children become immersed in their own colourful imaginary worlds and translate them onto paper. They have fun, enjoy doing it and it also supports their development. 

This ties in well with the theme for this year's World Kids Colouring Day: Under the motto 'Funny Animals', children are invited to embark on a journey through the animal world. Whether their pictures tell of an exciting trip on land, by sea or by air, a journey undertaken together with friends, parents or grandparents with the starring roles in their works of art played by fish, birds or lions – creativity knows no bounds! Who knows, it may well be that some of the pictures even have make-believe creatures in them!

What influence does colouring have on a child's development?

We spoke to Child Psychologist  Dr Miriam Bachmann MD:

“Colouring supports fine and gross motor skills, which are important for later acquiring reading and writing skills,” explains the Child and Adolescent Psychologist Dr Miriam Bachmann MD. 

On World Kids Colouring Day, everything revolves around creativity and children also become aware of social involvement in a playful way.

Dr. Bachmann stresses how important it is that children regularly use paper, pens and paints: "Colouring should play a natural, lasting role in the lives of children." The expert adds that it is also essential that children are given the freedom to choose colours, shapes and materials themselves.

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Teaching material

Discovering the oceans on the back of a dolphin, soaring over hills and valleys with a bird or simply taking the dog out for a walk: These are just three examples of the many, magnificent things children would love to experience with animals. Every child has an animal favourite of their own and dreams of playing and fooling around with them. Putting their ideas to paper and recounting their adventures is both a fascinating and educational experience for children. This year's World Kids Colouring Day 'Funny Animals' theme enables you to explore the animal kingdom together.

Children learn in a playful way to deal with their own dreams and to visualise what they might mean. At the same time, they also learn a lot about themselves as they do so.

The free-of-charge teaching material provides you with all the information you need on the 'Funny Animals' topic – e.g. numerous reading and writing exercises, colouring and crafting ideas, maths assignments and drawing projects. Equipped with this material, you and your group can set off on an awesome adventure into the world of animals.  

Teachers can download the supplementary classroom materials with valuable teaching information and worksheets on the “Funny Animals” theme.

Please download our World Kids Colouring Day teaching materials here (.pdf)

Free booklet

World Kids Colouring Day magazine

You can download our World Kids Colouring Day Magazine here for free (.pdf).


  • Enter the big colouring competition
  • Animal quiz
  • Make a paper fish
  • Animal puzzles
  • And lots more

Cooperation partners

On the World Kids Colouring Day children all over the world are busy colouring to help other children who are not as well off. You can also change the world and help other children with your picture.

Unfortunately, not all children have parents that take good care of them. There are children who are often on their own and don't have anyone to play with, to read them bedtime stories or simply give them a hug.What can you do? Simply exchange the picture you coloured for a small cash donation from a charity donor, who could be your parents, grandparents or friends. With this you are supporting the SOS Kinderdorf e.V., which helps children in need.


WorldKids Colouring Day

Do you have questions about the World Kids Colouring Day or would you like to let us know about a great event idea?

Simply write to us at pr(at)staedtler.de or fill out the form.

We’ll be happy to answer your request.

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