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FIMO Creative Weeks

FIMO Creative Weeks

Get creative now with FIMO leather-effect
and win great prizes!

Participation period: 28/10 – 06/12/2019

FIMO Creative Weeks EN

Let your creative juices flow from 28/10 – 06/12/2019 with FIMO leather-effect and take a photo of your creation – there are no boundaries to your creativity.

Post your picture on Instagram and use the two hashtags #CreativeWeeks and #FIMOleathereffect.

Make sure your profile is public.
Alternatively, you can also upload your picture here.


This will give you the chance to win 1 of 30 great FIMO packages worth 100 € each!

Conditions of participation

You want to get started right away
and still need FIMO leather-effect?

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What is FIMO leather-effect?

Looks like leather, feels like leather – but it’s actually FIMO leather-effect!

The new oven-hardening modelling clay, which looks and feels like leather, opens up totally new possibilities: Shaping, cutting, bending, sewing or embossing. After hardening, the thinly rolled out plates with a special leather effect are very flexible, allowing a wide range of processing options: Let your imagination run wild!

FIMO leather-effect
FIMO leather-effect – 5 steps to start working with the modelling clay - FIMO BASICS Tutorial
FIMO leather-effect – Cutting, punching, perforating, gluing, plotting the modelling clay
FIMO leather-effect – Sewing the modelling clay - FIMO BASICS Tutorial
FIMO leather-effect – 4 tips for special surface structures - FIMO BASICS Tutorial

You can find more tips and tricks for processing FIMO leather-effect in our

Guides Area

What can I do with it?

Inspirations for your first FIMO leather-effect project

Further Inspirations