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triplus - ergonomic and versatile pens and pencils

triplus - ergonomic and versatile pens and pencils

When we talk about triplus, we’re talking about an entire family of outstanding products – of the highest quality. The range includes numerous writing technologies and therefore a pen for all types of writing. Whether it’s fineliners or broadliners, a fine or extra thick ballpoint pen, we have the right pen for everyone.

STAEDTLER - triplus

Ergonomic pens and pencils

The special thing about the triplus range is its ergonomic shape that allows for relaxed and easy writing without fatigue: the range’s triangular shape sits perfectly between the fingers and promotes a natural writing position. This relieves pressure on the muscles, even during prolonged use. The range is therefore ideal for people who do a lot of writing.

The triplus range is a carefully selected family of products that are developed and produced to meet the highest quality standards. The family’s nine different writing technologies provide the right pen for every occasion, and for all types of writing.

Made in Germany

The product range is manufactured completely in Germany (with the exception of the triplus micro), guaranteeing high quality. German engineering expertise gives triplus pens many technical advantages, such as DRY-SAFE technology, for instance, and the innovative STAEDTLER box.

DRY SAFE technology ensures high product reliability, allowing pens to be left open for hours or even days without drying out. This means that they will work perfectly even if you forget to put the cap back on.


Whether you're writing, colouring, drawing or sketching, the triplus range has just the pen or pencil for you.

►This handbook tells you all you need to know about the many different writing technologies in our triplus range and provides tips on which implements are best for activities such as bullet journaling or designing invitations.

triplus fineliner - pens for writing, drawing and colouring

STAEDTLER triplus fineliner 334
STAEDTLER triplus fineliner 334

Our triplus fineliner have a superfine metal-clad tip and are ideal for writing, drawing and colouring. Available in 60 different colours, our fineliners are the perfect companion for everyone who likes doing delicate writing or drawing in bright colours. With a line width of around 0.3 mm the fineliners are – as their name suggests – our thinnest triplus writing implements.

Like all of the triplus range, our fineliners’ triangular shape makes them especially ergonomic. The metal-clad tip and PP barrel make this high-quality fineliner extremely durable. The water-based ink can be washed out of most fabrics – so if you get fineliner on your clothes it’s not a problem.

triplus broadliner – extra-broad fineliner

STAEDTLER triplus broadliner 338
STAEDTLER triplus broadliner 338

The triplus broadliner is perfect for anyone who prefers their writing to be slightly broader: with a line width of about 0.8 mm, it’s kind of the fineliner’s big brother. It too has the triangular shape that means it sits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for people who do a lot of writing. The metal-clad tip and PP barrel ensures our broadliner is both high quality and highly durable.

triplus color – ergonomic fibre-tip pens for drawing, colouring and writing

STAEDTLER triplus color 323
STAEDTLER triplus color 323

The triplus color is a high quality fibre-tip pen, with a line width of about 1.0 mm, making it suitable not only for drawing and colouring but also for writing, for instance titles, or large notes on labels or post-it notes. These fibre-tip pens have water-based, non-permanent ink that can be easily washed out of most fabrics, making it much less of a problem if you get the ink on your clothes. In addition, the triplus color won’t dry out if you forget to put the cap back on – it can be left open for days without drying out.

Mix & Match

The triplus fineliner, triplus broadliner and triplus color harmonise perfectly: our Mix & Match principle means they are easy to combine, because the colours of all three products are precisely matched to each other. You can get your favourite shade of blue in a fineliner, broadliner and a fibre-tip pen, allowing you to create delicate details and clear lines, and colour in larger areas. And of course you can also create fine, broad or extra-large writing.

STAEDTLER triplus - Mix & Match

triplus highlighter – ergonomic pen for fine and broad highlighting

STAEDTLER triplus highlighter 362
STAEDTLER triplus highlighter 362

The triplus highlighter also has the characteristic triangular shape, and in contrast to many other highlighters sits particularly well in the hand. The triplus highlighter has a pleasantly soft tip allowing you to create a variety of highlights; whether you want them fine or broad, this pen can do it all. The triplus highlighter is thus especially good for highlighting sections of small print.

We’ve extended the range of colours to include new pastel and vintage shades – the pens are now also ideal for creative uses such as hand lettering or bullet journaling. The black triplus highlighter is something special: it allows you to hide less important sections of texts without making them completely illegible, so that you can concentrate on the key parts. The black highlighter is also great for crossing items off your to-do lists, and much, much more.

triplus roller – ergonomic rollerball for relaxed writing and drawing

STAEDTLER triplus roller 403
STAEDTLER triplus roller 403

The triplus roller is an ergonomic rollerball, available in ten lovely colours and is all you need to create colourful notes. Its thin tip means the triplus roller has a line width of about 0.4 mm. The rollerball’s pressure resistant, durable core makes it the ideal pen for people who write a lot as well as for drawing and making carbon copies.

triplus ball – ergonomic ballpoint pen for people who do a lot of writing

STAEDTLER triplus ball 437
STAEDTLER triplus ball 437

The triplus ball ballpoint pen is available in three line widths, F, M and XB. The fine ballpoint (F) has a ball diameter of 0.7 mm, the medium ballpoint (M) has a ball diameter of 1.0 mm and the extra wide ballpoint (XB), which writes especially softly, has a ball diameter of 1.6 mm.

The M and XB models are available in 20 different colours, enabling you to add colour to your texts and make them clearer to read. All our ballpoints are of course ideal for writing. Their many different colours and varied line widths also make them the perfect choice for ballpoint drawings.

triplus gel – gel pen for writing and drawing

STAEDTLER triplus gel 462
STAEDTLER triplus gel 462

Anyone who likes gel rollerballs will love writing with the triplus gel. It’s outstanding for day-to-day writing – the gel rollerball writes easily and evenly. And the triplus gel is available in in 10 bright colours. The gel rollerball’s luminous silver design with black printing also looks fantastic. The ball diameter of the triplus gel is 0.7 mm and of course the triplus range’s triangular shape means it is ergonomic and sits comfortably in the hand.

triplus micro – ergonomic mechanical pencil for writing and drawing

STAEDTLER triplus micro 774
STAEDTLER triplus micro 774

And last but not least the triplus micro: a mechanical pencil that comes in line widths of 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.3 mm. This high quality mechanical pencil is ideal for writing and drawing. Its triangular shape brings many benefits: it has a retractable tip and thus can be stored easily and safely. Chrome-plated metal tips are further testament to its quality. Finally, our triplus micro has an extra-long, twist-out eraser – this also means there’s no cap over the eraser, which can so easily be lost.

triplus® fineliner 334 triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner Single product red
triplus® color 323 triplus® color 323 Triangular fibre-tip pen Single product red
triplus® permanent 331 Multi-surface fineliner Single product red
triplus® micro 774 triplus® micro 774 Triangular mechanical pencil Single product, line width 0.5 mm, barrel colour grey
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triplus – the best pens for mandalas, hand lettering, bullet journaling and much more

triplus products are not only ideal for writing, they are also perfect for creative uses such as hand lettering, colouring in mandalas, and much more. Staying current is thus just as important for the triplus range as its high quality: so we have put together lots of sets especially for the latest ideas and trends, such as neon or pastel colours, and sets for bullet journaling, designing invitations and traditional hand writing.

Pen and pencils for bullet journaling

A bullet journal (BuJo for short) is a calendar or planner where you can organise your appointments and purchases, schedule good habits such as sleep and sporting activities, record and visualise your state of mind throughout the month and much more.

Our triplus multi set Botanic Journaling has everything you need for bullet journaling, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. The diverse colours of its triplus highlighters, fineliners and black broadliner make them the perfect pens to use for a bullet journal, opening up unlimited design options. We’ve chosen green, turquoise and natural shades for our set, to help you create a lovely botanical-look bullet journal. Because it's often worth doing preliminary sketches, the set also includes a triplus micro mechanical pencil. Anyone in search of a bullet journal set has come to the right place.

STAEDTLER - Pen and pencils for bullet journaling
STAEDTLER - Pen and pencils for invitation cards

Pen and pencils for invitation cards

Whether it’s an invitation, a birthday card or a simple thank-you card, everyone loves a home-made card. And the triplus range is ideal for creating cards and invitations. We recommend a combination of our triplus colour fibre-tip pens, our broadliner and our fineliner and the triplus micro mechanical pencil.

The bright and cheerful colour scheme makes it easy to design a lovely card for almost every occasion. Which is why we recommend that you bring a little happiness into others’ lives with a DIY card; home-made things really are often the most beautiful.

Ergonomic pens and pencils for relaxed hand writing

The most important things should always be written by hand, don't you agree?  Recording precious memories of wonderful trips in a travel journal keeps them alive: it helps you recall the tiniest details and funny situations, even years later.  A hand written letter expresses real appreciation and has more impact than a text message. And what’s more, you can keep a letter and carry it with you. Notes written by hand carry more weight than digital ones.

So we’ve put together a set that will ensure you always have all the hand writing equipment you need – on your desk, in your handbag or in your backpack. Our triplus handwriting multi set is your trusty companion and has all you need to create hand written notes.

STAEDTLER - Ergonomic pens and pencils for relaxed hand writing

triplus products in the handy STAEDTLER box

Many of our triplus products are available in the handy STAEDTLER box. The STAEDTLER box is far more than product packaging. It is a storage aid, and can be flipped open to become a great pen holder. The box can be opened and closed in seconds and it’s easy to take implements in and out of.

Anyone who likes to keep their pens and pencils organised or often needs to take them with them would do well to acquire a STAEDTLER box. The STAEDTLER box is also available in a range of colours – so you’ll never have any trouble finding the pen or pencil you're looking for. Extraordinary packaging for extraordinary products.

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