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STAEDLTER’S Boost your Booklist and WIN

STAEDLTER’S Boost your Booklist and WIN

Boost your Back to School book or stationery list with STAEDTLER 
for the opportunity to WIN $5,000* for your school, or 
one of 10 x STAEDTLER Product Prize Packs valued at $1,000 RRP*

Proven for generations, STAEDTLER is a brand you can trust. We pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of high-quality school products that are built to last. We are so confident you and your students will love the reliability and style of STAEDTLER products, we are challenging you to boost your 2021 Back to School book and stationery list with us.

Include a minimum of 4 x different STAEDTLER products on your 2021 BTS book or stationery list for an automatic entry into the draw to WIN one of 11 prizes.

And that’s not all! The more STAEDTLER products on your book or stationery list, the greater chance you have to WIN. For example:

5 x STAEDTLER products = 2 entries into the draw
6 x STAEDTLER products = 3 entries into the draw
10 x STAEDTLER products =  7 entries into the draw … and so on!

Entries close 30th November 2020. So get your entries in now so you don’t miss out on your chance to WIN our grand prize of $5,000 for your school or one of 10 x $1,000 RRP STAEDTLER product prize packs!

To really boost your school’s chances winning, encourage your colleagues in other year groups to enter their booklists too. 

STEP 1: 

Download the STAEDTLER 2020/21 Back to School Product Guide to browse through our extensive range and choose the STAEDTLER products to boost your BTS 2021 book or stationery list.

Product Guide


Include your favourite STAEDTLER products on your 2021 Back to School book or stationery list.


Upload your final 2021 Back to School book or stationery list and complete the entry form:

Complete the entry form

(Please note: You are not placing a stationery order with STAEDTLER. Uploading your stationery list is for entry into the competition only. Send to your usual educational stationery supplier to fulfill this as an order or provide to parents if they are sourcing stationery from a retail provider.)

Boost your Booklist leaflet:

Download leaflet

Why STAEDTLER at Back to School:

Don’t accept substitutes! STAEDTLER has an extensive range of top quality and reliable products to choose from in the key back to school categories: 

  • Graphite pencils … including the Australia’s favourite pencil, the tradition pencil … plus many others to choose from to suit your needs and pocket $
  • Coloured pencils and pens: We pride ourselves on our huge range of coloured pens and pencils catering for every need.  Whether it’s a jumbo size for small hands, larger packs with broad colour selection or even a pencil that can become a watercolour … we have something for everyone. 
  • Accessories: No pencil case is complete without a ruler, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, scissors, and a glue stick – why not get them all in one place?
  • Whiteboard: High quality whiteboard markers that can be dry wiped effortlessly without leaving a trace.  They come in standard, compact and pen sizes in wallets of 4, 6 and 8 (depending on style chosen) in a range of colours.
  • Writing instruments: Choose from our classic ballpoint pens, or versatile and smooth fineliners with the triangular comfort barrel. 
  • We have a wide range of retailers and education suppliers that stock up on STAEDTLER making our products easily accessible for parents and schools.

*Terms and conditions apply, offer ends 30/11/2020. HERE you can find full terms and conditions and further information.
An example of four different product types would be:
4 x STAEDTLER tradition graphite pencils, 3 x STAEDTLER stick ballpoint pens, 1 x STAEDTLER glue stick and 2 x STAEDTLER rasoplast erasers.
NSW Auth. No. TP/00241 ACT Permit No. TP20/01144 SA Permit No. T20/1010